Lynne Masaki


My name is Lynne Masaki, a Japanese freelance business development and organizational development (OD) specialist based in Japan.

From childhood, I attended the French compulsory educational system. I later returned to Japan to study at Keio University, where I majored in French literature, European culture and art, and macro and microeconomics.

After graduating, I spent four years in the Japanese tech industry, tackling numerous challenges. Currently, my mission is to create a positive impact by connecting foreign companies with Japanese businesses.

I am trilingual, fluent in French, Japanese, and English, and I am currently learning Danish.

I lived in Paris for six and a half years and had a short stay in Belgium, but I have traveled to many places around the world.

I have a passion for travel, creativity and the arts, learning new languages and ideas, business, chatting with friends, organizing fun events, visiting healthy and cozy cafes, organic cooking, wellness activities, and nature walks.

In the future, I aspire to establish my own company to bridge the business worlds of Japan and the rest of the globe.
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