Ben Flint


Thanks for taking a look at my profile. A bit about me:
I've worked as both a corporate employee and an Entrepreneur, spanning decades, especially in nuanced emerging markets (APAC).
I'm now advising a portfolio of B2B/B2B2C companies in data & tech (Marketplaces, SaaS, analytics etc) to game-change workflows in several industries (marketing, sport, travel, agritech)... just don't ask me deep tech questions!

What drives me? Watching founders grow a business, and make money, knowing that I've made a difference in some small way

My alter ego (!): I've been walking the walk personally in sustainability for years, and I feel fulfilled to support businesses that are solving climate change. I'm also honoured to manage a family legacy in DEI (Women's Sport).

I really look forward to supporting your business journey
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My Services

Online Marketplace Modelling & Planning See originalTranslate

Sponsorship / Brand Partnership Strategy See originalTranslate

Investment Pitch Deck (for VC/PE etc) See originalTranslate

Go-to-Market Strategy (Asia <-> Eur) See originalTranslate