Grace Choy

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🍚CNN 香港プライベートキッチン10 選。
​👍Facebook でもっとも"Like" された中華レストラン。
Twitter が選ぶ中華圏で最も推薦されたシェフ。
初出版のレシピ本が2019 年のグルマン世界料理本賞を受賞。


🍚CNN: Hong Kong's 10 Best Private Kitchens
👍The Most Liked Chinese Restaurant on Facebook (1,000,000+ Fans)
Twitter's 1st Verified Chef in Greater China
Interviewed by core media around the world
Championship of World's Best Female Chef Award

Hello everyone, my name is Grace Choy. I'm a chef and I came to Japan from Hong Kong in 2019. I want to introduce Cantonese cuisine to more of my friends. My good friend Eric introduced me to a new online platform called timelyhero. I thought it was very convenient, so I decided to partner with the company that operates timelyhero, Dimes Inc. In the future, we plan to deliver recipe videos in multiple languages using cutting-edge AI translation technology. I hope you all enjoy it.


各位,大家好。我是Grace Choy。我是一名廚師,於2019年從香港來到日本。我希望能向更多的朋友介紹廣東料理。我的好友Eric向我介紹了一個新的在線平台timelyhero。我認為這非常方便,因此我決定與運營timelyhero的公司Dimes株式會社合作。未來,我們計劃在這裡使用最先進的AI翻譯技術,提供多種語言的食譜視頻。我希望大家能喜歡。
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