Reiko Suzuki


I’m a Transition & Wellness Coach and I help people tune into their inner voice and strengths to support them design and embody a life that reflects their authentic selves.

You feel it in your gut — a deep-seated urge to make meaningful changes to live a life authentic to you.

If you're ready to turn that gut feeling into action, you're in the right place.

Believe it or not, we all have got what it takes to make transformational changes in our lives to lead a meaningful life that is unique to us. A life that only you can lead.

And yes, it may seem too good to be true, daunting, overwhelming or too difficult.

But, I got you.

As your Coach, I will guide you through a deep dive into self-discovery in a safe and supportive space – pausing to listen to what you really want, uncovering and embracing your inner resilience and riches, asking you the right questions that lead to reflection and action.

This experience of self-discovery is a meaningful journey in itself and as we work together, taking bold steps will start to feel like your natural next move.

***How does it work?***
My coaching approach operates on two levels. We'll address your external layer, working towards the goals you've set for yourself, while simultaneously delving into your inner layer. Here, we'll identify the root causes of any obstacles and then go through a rerooting process as we tap into your inner strengths to drive systemic breakthroughs and accelerated growth.

This will allow you to work through even the most resistant of issues, with continued guidance and support from a trained expert along the way.
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