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Staying Fit and Active on the Job—Working Healthy and Mindful

Employees experience different physical and mental stressors in their daily work. These include, for example, excessive demands, stress, monotony, lack of autonomy, disruptions, varying shifts, and prolonged screen time. These stressors can lead not only to reduced performance but also to underlying health issues. In this e⁠-⁠training course, participants learn how to deal constructively with these stressors to remain healthy in the long term.

Learning Objectives

Understanding physical and mental stressors

Being able to maintain your own physical health

Planning breaks and downtime effectively

Taking good care of yourself

Implementing mindfulness into your daily work routine

Target group

Employees and (prospective) managers who want to do something for their health

Employees and (prospective) managers who are under a lot of strain and/or are not physically fit.


Wanting to learn

Taking on responsibility

Managing stress

Getting a grip

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Staying Fit and Active on the Job—Working Healthy and Mindful

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