Stasy Hsieh


Hey there! I'm Stasy, a tech enthusiast on a mission to go beyond codes and algorithms, taking on societal justice issues with gusto. Join me in crafting a future that's not just about technology but is genuinely inclusive and fair. Dive into my world of Machine Learning, Web Development, and Astrophysics at to catch a glimpse of my diverse skill set and the exciting projects I'm passionate about.

I've collaborated with brilliant minds across seven countries, bringing a wealth of experience and a resourceful approach to the forefront of modern technology. But it's more than just tech for me – I'm committed to shattering barriers in STEM, particularly championing gender equality. Explore my initiative at, a haven dedicated to empowering women in STEM fields. The feedback I've received echoes the importance of courage and honesty, reinforcing the belief that our world needs more of that.

Beyond the tech realm, I'm actively engaged in projects addressing societal justice, contributing to a future that's both inclusive and equitable. Jump aboard this exhilarating journey where we seamlessly blend science, technology, and social impact into something extraordinary!
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