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I wish to help you in strengthening your community or team!

This is an initial consultation to learn about your team-building needs, come up with solutions, or maybe plan for an upcoming team-building event.

I can also offer paid service should you need someone to facilitate, help you prepare materials, or assist you on the day. However, am also happy to offer this for free to NPOs or organizations that support migrants especially those in Japan and/or the Philippines.


Hello, I'm Laurice, a Filipina currently living in Japan and my kokorozashi or personal mission is to empower individuals by connecting them and helping them solve problems.

I have around 10 years of experience working in HR and Sales and have conducted team building pro bono for years. I once dreamed of making 1000 talks to inspire and connect people all over the world!

Currently, I am building a service to help migrants onboard smoothly in a new country.

Through this casual consultation, I wish to be someone with whom you can bounce ideas when it comes to improving team dynamics or strengthening team communication through getting-to-know-you activities, virtual gatherings, or team online recreation! :)

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