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  • 3 hr, 0 min
  • 20,000 円
  • 6 attendees
  • Tokyo, 日本

Are you looking to learn how to cook Japanese food? Our Japanese cooking classes are designed for foreigners looking to learn about the exotic flavors of Japan. Our classes offer a hands-on experience with the help of a mom, who will guide you through unique recipes that will introduce you to the basics of Japanese cuisine. You’ll learn the proper techniques for using ingredients and tools, as well as traditional cooking styles and recipes that will provide you with an authentic Japanese cooking experience. In our classes, you’ll discover the art of Japanese cooking and learn how to make delicious dishes like sushi, tempura, teriyaki, and more. With our expert guidance and the right tools, you’ll be able to whip up a delicious Japanese meal in no time. We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge and helping you develop your culinary skills. Our classes are designed for all levels, and we’ll be there to offer advice and answer any questions you have. So come join us for a unique and delicious experience. Our classes are held at the same time every week, and you can sign up for a single session or multiple sessions. We guarantee that you’ll leave our classes feeling more confident in your cooking abilities, and with a greater understanding of Japanese cuisine.

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