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Change management-Successfully shaping change processes

Course details

Professional moderation, videos, and explanatory films teach how managers can successfully shape change processes. This e⁠-⁠learning introduces the best-known change models and the individual phases of a change process. It also provides concrete measures and tools for the individual phases and sheds light on how to address resistance. Exercise questions, transfer tasks, key messages and a final test tie all of the content together.

Target group

Team leaders

Change managers

Managers with HR responsibility

Employees of HR departments

Learning Objectives

Learning how to successfully shape change processes

Knowing the commonalities between the most popular change models

Becoming familiar with the steps involved in the vast majority of change processes

Learning the specific measures and tools for the individual steps

Understanding how to deal with resistance

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Teaser video

Change management-Successfully shaping change processes

1hr 2min
Leadership skills
Leadership styles and roles
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