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How to use questioning techniques

Course details

Questions set thought processes in motion. Nothing is more convincing than the answers we give ourselves. With the help of this training course, the participants will learn the fundamental difference between open and closed questions, and how to apply questioning techniques correctly.

Target group

Management staff at all levels

Learning objectives

Being able to guide discussions with the right questions

Knowing and mastering the various questioning techniques

Achieving results by asking the right questions, even in unclear discussion situations

Applying the rules for formulating and asking questions

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Eric Wei

相手の状況やニーズに応じて、オープンクエスチョンは相手に自由な回答を促すために使われ、クローズドクエスチョンは特定の答えを求める場合に使用され、コミュニケーションスキルを向上させる上で貴重な経験でした See originalTranslate

How to use questioning techniques

Communication and interaction skills

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