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Hi there 👋


Welcome to my 60-Minute Breakthrough Session, designed to guide you in tuning into your inner voice, while pinpointing both external and internal barriers hindering your progress towards your goal(s) or desired state.

This session is aimed at providing you with a glimpse of the experience of working with a professional coach.

Here's what you can expect:

- A judgement-free, safe space to openly share.

- Beginning to identify the potential root cause(s) of your challenges.

- New perspectives and insights into your current circumstances.

- One aligned action to take post-session.

I'm looking forwards to celebrating and welcoming you as you take action to create and and embody a life that reflects your authentic self!

Feel free to reach out via email beforehand if you have any questions.

Thank you,


(Coaching sessions available in English and Japanese)


こんにちは 👋

60-Minute Breakthrough Sessionへようこそ。




- ノージャッジの安心安全な場

- あなたの課題の根本原因を特定し始めるプロセス

- 現在の状況に対する新しい視点と洞察

- セッション後に取れるアクション一つ






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